A few months ago, my client had a bad reaction to a prescribed medication called amitriptyline. As a result, he was not in his right mind. If you have ever had this experience, then you know how scarey it can be. His family sought medical help for him through paramedics. This resulted in police coming and "investigating." The police arrested him for hitting his significant other while the other was trying to calm him down physically. Through proper investigation and seeking the help of a toxicologist, we were able to prove that my client was not responsible for his actions because of the bad reaction. This is known as involuntary intoxication and it is a complete defense to any criminal act. Involuntary intoxication can happen if someone slips you a "mickey" or drugs you without your knowledge. It can also happen if you take a prescribed medication as indicated, but it does not react as expected. Happily, my client is no longer facing charges and can live his life without the interruption of the government.

Today, I was able to return a good person's drivers' license after winning a DMV hearing. The way to win at DMV is rarely to argue the substance or facts. I won this one by getting the DMV to violate their procedures, recognizing it and knowing what to do. The hearing officer was not happy, but he knew he had to dismiss.

Today, the Boulder DA dismissed all charges, including 2 felony charges against my client.  The DA never made a reasonable offer.  It was basically to plea to the high charge with no sentencing concessions.  We presented a good motion to suppress issue that the judge denied, but left open good appeal issues.  We investigated and prepared for trial.  A week prior, the DA made a somewhat better offer, but not good enough.  We asked for a misdemeanor that they denied.  I learned the DA had witness problems that they were not disclosing.  After fully informing my client, he decided to roll the dice with my approval.  The DA dismissed because she knew she could not proceed.  My client is free and clear.  It is possible that the case can come back later as the statute of limitations has not ended.  My client knows this.  We will be ready if they try.