Driving Under the Influence

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In Colorado, there are many different ways a person can be charged for driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These include driving under the influence (DUI), driving while ability impaired (DWAI), driving under the influence of drugs (DUID), and underage drinking and driving (UDD).

Colorado also has among the toughest DUI laws of any state and in some instances, a DUI conviction can result in mandatory incarceration. When a person has three or more prior convictions, they can even be charged with felony DUI.

If you are arrested or charged for driving under the influence, your life and reputation may be damaged for years to come. There is the possibility of jail time, court fines, community service, as well as probation. In addition to the criminal consequences, you might have to install an ignition interlock and have to pay higher insurance rates. Lastly, when a person is being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there is also a possibility that police officers or prosecutors will tack on related charges like vehicular assault, child abuse, or reckless endangerment which can make potential penalties even more severe.

Fortunately, top-rated Denver DUI attorney Jason Savela can help. They have helped thousands of other people get their cases dismissed, dropped, reduced, or acquitted by a jury.

We Understand Urgency

Many types of evidence must be collected quickly, or it can’t be used. In addition, you often only have 7 days to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to save your driver’s license after you have been arrested or ticketed for driving under the influence.

From the time the officer stops you and gives you a notice of revocation, you only have 7 days to request a hearing. If you refuse or take a breath test with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.08, this happens the day of the stop and arrest. If you submit a blood test, you will not receive a notice of revocation until the blood test results are returned. This is usually in 3 to 6 weeks. There is no immediate revocation or suspension for any substance other than alcohol. No matter the quantity. If there is evidence of drugs and alcohol, the alcohol amount must be 0.08 or greater to trigger a revocation or suspension.

We Know Everyone and Every Case is Unique

Because no two cases are the same, we offer a tailored approach based on the details of you and your specific case. All the details matter your criminal history matters, your driving history, your past alcohol-related driving offenses. So do case-specific details, had you eaten that night? Did you consent to the field sobriety tests? Did you take a portable breathalyzer test? A blood test? The intoxilyzer? Did the police officers have a reason to pull you over? What about a reason to detain you and continue their investigation? Did you read your Miranda rights? How have the officers been trained? Did they follow their training?

These details impact what evidence is admissible against you in court and whether the officers followed the procedure they were supposed to follow. If they didn’t do everything correctly, the case should be dismissed, it can be won at trial, or it should be significantly reduced.

Denver criminal defense attorney Jason Savela looks at these details in every case they defend because they understand the difference these details can make in protecting your rights and getting your case dismissed.

We are Seasoned Trial Lawyers

While it is true the majority of cases never go to trial, you should consider whether the lawyer you hire takes cases to trial. Lawyers develop reputations. If you hire an attorney the prosecutor knows will never take a case to trial, you won’t get as good a result because the prosecutor will know your lawyer will back down. Jason Savela tries cases all the time. They are known for going to trial and winning. This matters because sometimes their clients are innocent, but even when their clients are not innocent, having the ability to go to trial and win results in cases being dismissed when the government simply can’t prove it.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI), an experienced Denver DUI attorney is essential. Get in touch with experienced Denver DUI defense attorney Jason Savela by calling (720) 821-1001.

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