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Are you Innocent? Not Just Not Guilty, but Innocent? We Want Your Case.December 8, 2021

I used to think the hard cases were ones where the client was innocent. I have heard it from other lawyers a lot. For me, it stems from a fear of losing a case at trial and knowing an innocent person would go to prison. When I was a public defender, this fear was in part because I did not think I had enough time to find the evidence nor the skill to show the truth at trial. Winning where your client was guilty was fun, a thumb in the eye of the prosecutor who made a bad plea offer and the system that was often so unjust. But losing an innocent person’s case was an indictment of me, my failures.

Not anymore. Over my 25+ years of practicing law, and especially since training at www.triallawyerscollege.org(including being an instructor since 2017), I know how to find the evidence and tell the true story of innocence in your case. It’s not just a feeling. I have backed it up with numerous trial acquittals and dismissed cases.

Are you scared to go to trial?

Is your lawyer scared to go to trial?

Is your lawyer trying to get you to take a deal when you are innocent?

We love innocent clients. It is extraordinary to fight these fights. The consequences remain the same. This drives the effort. The system does not see what I see, at first. Judges often treat innocent clients as if they are guilty. Prosecutors are often thoroughly convinced innocent clients are guilty and might get away with it. Police officers and witnesses are the same. For some reason, the more we show innocence, the more they try to show guilt. It seems to be a reaction, likely subconscious, to questioning their opinion and power. It feels like they think their opinion is fact. It’s not.

If a prosecutor is working for an unjust cause or in a system that could get a case this wrong, does cause them to question all their beliefs?

Is it easier to suppress this belief and double down on prosecuting?

Do they want to show their power by winning every case, even one where the person is innocent?

I am not a therapist for the system. I am just here to find the true story of innocence in your case and find the best way to show it so we can get a dismissal or acquittal. If you are innocent. If you are falsely accused. If you are unjustly charged. If you are over-charged. We want your case.