Minor in possession is a criminal charge that can have damaging collateral consequences for the minor. If you or your child are facing charges of minor in possession you should consult with a Boulder criminal defense attorney immediately.

A person can be charged with minor in possession if they:

  1. Are you under 21 and Possess or consume
  2. Ethyl alcohol, or
  3. Marijuana, or
  4. Drug paraphernalia.

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Minor in possession is a strict liability offense meaning that if a minor is in possession of alcohol, marijuana, or paraphernalia then they are guilty of the offense. It is not necessary for prosecutors to prove that the minor knew or intended to possess the substances.
Penalties for minor in possession.

  • 1st offense
    • $125 fine & surcharge, and
    • A drug education class.
  • 2nd offense
    • $150 fine & surcharge,
    • A drug education class,
    • Possible substance abuse assessment and treatment, and
    • Up to 24 hours of public service.
  • 3rd or subsequent offense
    • $275 fine and surcharge,
    • A substance abuse assessment and treatment, and
    • Up to 36 hours of public service.

There is a lot that can be done to defend and mitigate the impact of minor in possession cases. First, in many situations, a minor may be immune to prosecution if they called to report another minor was suffering from alcohol poisoning and call the police for help.

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Additionally, minor in possession cases be defended on the basis that the minor was consuming marijuana or alcohol for religious purposes, on private property with their parent’s permission, and under a variety of other circumstances.

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