Federal mail & wire fraud charges are serious. If you are facing mail or wire fraud charges it is important to consult with a fraud defense attorney immediately. Fraud includes many types of deceit or dishonesty, usually in tandem with the expectation of financial gain. Fraud becomes mail or wire fraud and is prosecuted by the department of justice when interstate mail carriers or wire/computer systems are used to commit the fraud.

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18 U.S.C. 1341 defines mail fraud. It prohibits anyone from obtaining money or property through fraud or deception. If this is done in violation of the statute and the United States Postal Service (or a private company like FedEx) is used in the process then the crime is chargeable as mail fraud.

Wire fraud is virtually the same as mail fraud with the exception that instead of using mail, the offense involves wired communication including phones, emails, computers, or text messages. Wire fraud is generally just a more modern version of the mail fraud statute.

Mail and wire fraud charges are defined very broadly. This gives prosecutors a great deal of discretion in filing these charges in tandem with other types of fraud be it health care, securities, or mortgage fraud. Additionally, prosecutors often charge a separate count for each alleged action. This could mean a separate count for each item mailed, or each wire communication.

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 Wire and mail fraud by themselves are not particularly serious crimes. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, a base offense level of 7 applies which suggests a sentence of not more than 6 months. However, as the value of the alleged fraud increases so do the presumptive penalties up to as much as 30 years in prison.

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