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C.R.S. 18-9-112 defines loitering. It provides:

  • The word "loiter" means to be dilatory, to stand idly around, to linger, delay, or wander about, or to remain, abide, or tarry in a public place.
  • A person commits a class 1 petty offense if he or she, with intent to interfere with or disrupt the school program or with intent to interfere with or endanger schoolchildren, loiters in a school building or on school grounds or within one hundred feet of school grounds when persons under the age of eighteen are present in the building or on the grounds, not having any reason or relationship involving custody of, or responsibility for, a pupil or any other specific, legitimate reason for being there, and having been asked to leave by a school administrator or his representative or by a peace officer.
  • It shall be an affirmative defense that the defendant's acts were lawful and he was exercising his rights of lawful assembly as a part of the peaceful and orderly petition for the redress of grievances, either in the course of labor disputes or otherwise.
  • The general assembly hereby finds and declares that the state has a special interest in the protection of children and, particularly, in protecting children who attend schools because required to do so by the "School Attendance Law of 1963", article 33 of title 22, C.R.S., and the prohibition of loitering in subsection (2) of this section is enacted in furtherance of these interests.

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Loitering is typically a class 1 petty offense. The punishment for loitering can include:

  • A fine of up to $500, and/or
  • 6 months in jail.

If you have been charged with loitering an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer is essential. Get in touch with experienced Denver criminal defense attorney Jason Savela by calling (720) 821-1001.