If your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile crime, called juvenile delinquency, you have the right to a defense lawyer. The juvenile has all the rights that an adult accused of a crime has. Records of juvenile crimes can stay on your child's record forever in some cases. There are many collateral consequences to a Denver juvenile delinquency action that will change your child's life. An experienced, qualified Denver juvenile defense lawyer can help your child through this process with the least amount of lasting consequences, while also learning important lessons about criminal activity and how to deal with the police and authority. Call me to discuss representation.

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In Denver, Juvenile Delinquency actions are usually brought in front of District Court Judge Ingrid Bakke and prosecuted by the Denver District Attorney. There are numerous other people involved that will be included in all decision making, case managers, probation officers, guardian ad litem, and others. All of these people work for the government rather than for your child. While they are decent, well-meaning people, they can exhibit biases in favor of assuming your child is guilty and needs government services, or that your child is not trying hard enough. I will work with you and your child to understand what actually happened and how best to solve the problem.

While representing a child recently, one of these other involved people told my client that s/he did not need to discuss an issue with me. Less than a month later, my client was being threatened with revocation for the exact issue. I was able to help solve that problem over the next 2 weeks. To best make it through the Denver Juvenile system, a child needs an experienced juvenile defense lawyer.

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I have represented many children in Denver Juvenile court in the last 12 years. Prior to entering private practice, I represented children as the public defender in juvenile court. Some of my most rewarding days as a public defender were working with good kids that needed someone to listen and believe. I have tried juvenile cases to juries and to court. I have used the rights and protections of the Constitution and statutes to save my clients from unjust punishment. I have also worked out favorable plea agreements that keep my client's records clean. In addition, I help these children navigate the post plea environment where a child's bad day, misunderstanding, or wrong words can end a good plea agreement.

I can help your child. I am a Boulder Juvenile Defense Lawyer that will work to protect the person that you love with all your heart so that s/he can continue towards the goals you and s/he have been working on since birth. Call me to discuss representation. I am also available to help a child understand how to deal with police and authority, standing up for their rights, while staying out of trouble.