Child abuse is a serious criminal charge. If you are facing charges of child abuse you should consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately.

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A person can be charged with child abuse if they put a child in any type of harmful or neglectful situation. The following acts or situations can constitute child abuse, but do not provide a complete list of situations in which a Colorado prosecutor may choose to prosecute a child abuse case.

  1. Acting in a way that leads to injuries.
  2. Placing a child in a situation that poses the risk of injury.
  3. Failing to provide adequate nutrition or medical care for a child.
  4. Punishing a child physically.
  5. Allowing a child to be present when drugs are used.
  6. Driving under the influence or while your ability is impaired to the slightest degree with a child in the car.

The severity of a child abuse charge depends upon the severity of the alleged harm. A child abuse charge can be anything from a low-level misdemeanor to a serious felony punishable by up to life in prison.

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As important as the potential punishment is the collateral consequences that can arise from a child abuse charge, specifically, a child abuse conviction can often weigh against you in a subsequent child custody case.

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