Colorado Revised Statutes 18-2-201 through 206 defined conspiracy. Under those statutes, a criminal conspiracy occurs when:

  1. Two or more persons,
  2. With an unlawful purpose,
  3. Enter into a real agreement or confederation with a common design.

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A conspiracy is an agreement made between two or more people to commit a crime and an overt act in furtherance of the agreement. Because conspiracy is so broadly defined you can be found guilty of conspiracy even if you never successfully attempt or complete the crime. In cases where you do successfully commit the crime, you can be found guilty of both conspiracy and the crime itself.

An overt act is acting in furtherance of the conspiracy. Just talking alone is not enough for a conspiracy, but it is important to note that the overt act of any co-defendant is enough. In order to be guilty of the conspiracy you have. Generally, the consequences for conspiracy are almost as serious as the consequences for the crime you conspired to commit, in most instances only one offense level less serious.

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Prosecutors will often use conspiracy charges to gain leverage over the person they’re charging. The conspiracy charge can be used to scare lesser-involved conspirators into testifying against the main defendant.

Experienced Denver conspiracy lawyer Jason Savela can help if you have been accused of this crime. Despite conspiracy being defined so broadly, there are still numerous defenses to the crime.

  1. Abandonment—you abandoned the conspiracy before the crime occurred.
  2. There was no agreement to commit a crime.
  3. No overt acts were committed.

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