Third Degree Burglary

Third-degree burglary is is defined by CRS 18-4-204. It is when somebody breaks into equipment without authorization and with the intent to commit a crime. That equipment generally includes things like safes, cash registers, vaults, vending machines, payphones, and safe deposit boxes.

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The legislature defines first-degree burglary as when a person:

  1. With intent
  2. To commit a crime (such as theft),
  3. Entered or broke into,
  4. Any vault, safe, cash register, coin vending machine, a product dispenser, money depository, safety deposit box, coin telephone, coin box, or other apparatus or equipment whether or not coin operated.

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 Third-degree burglary is a class 5 felony with the possibility of up to three years in prison and fines of up to $100,000. If the purpose of the burglary was to steal drugs the charge is a class 4 felony.

Although each case is different, there are several defenses to burglary charges including alibi, defense, mistaken identity, execution of public duty, general denial, and others. Many of these defenses can be used to get charges dropped or dismissed or a not guilty verdict at trial.

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