Possession of Burglary Tools

Possession of burglary tools is defined by CRS 18-4-205. It is when somebody has anything adapted to, commonly used for, or designed to help commit theft or forced entry.

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The Colorado legislature defines possession of burglary tools as occurring when a person:

  1. Possessed any explosive, tool, instrument, or other article adapted, designed, or commonly used for committing or facilitating the commission of an offense involving forcible entry into premises or theft by physical taking, and
  2. Intended to use the thing possessed or knew that some person intended to use the thing possessed, in the commission of such an offense.
    Possession of burglary tools is a class 5 felony. The possible penalties are up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

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Although each case is different, there are several defenses to burglary charges including alibi, defense, mistaken identity, execution of public duty, general denial, and others. Many of these defenses can be used to get charges dropped or dismissed or a not guilty verdict at trial.

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