Life-changing outcome

When doing my research before hiring Jason, he sold me with his confidence and desire to win. His communication is very detailed and clear. He likes to communicate via email which was very nice due to the convenience of that. He also has a very confident and supportive partner, Ryan. The outcome of the case was positive, and I can now continue with my life as I should be able to, especially for the sake of my children.

Very Helpful to Our Family

We first retained Jason in 2014 for a legal case in Boulder County. He was prompt and knowledgeable and resolved the matter to our satisfaction. Then, several years later, we needed court documents from that case, as well as a letter from Jason. He immediately produced both, even though the case had long since been completed. I highly recommend him.


Superb defense, highly professional

Jason is amazing! A family member got into a lot of trouble and was facing serious prison time. Jason uncovered facts and a timeline that completely blew the DA's version of events out of the water leading to a complete acquittal. He made every effort to keep this event from going to trial but when it had to, he artfully provided a defense that the jury couldn't ignore. He is personable. He is really good guy. Thank you Jason!


Amazing Attorney

Even though the help I needed was relatively small Jason didn't make me feel that why. I'm sure he had way more important clients to help but was with me every step of the way. He is extremely knowledgeable and amazingly easy to talk to and I couldn't be happier with the outcome he got. While I hope I don't need him again, I would highly recommend him for anyone needing world-class representation.


This guy will save your life

I have to start by saying that I was accused by a girl of sexual assault in college in 2017. After my old lawyers lied to me and got me in jail for 32 days, I started carefully looking for the right lawyer as I was charged with a 3rd degree felony and looking at 8-24 years in prison. I have contacted more than 20 criminal lawyers throughout the country, some charging 10x more than Jason. I knew Jason was the right one as soon as I called him the first time. He agreed to look at my case but he told me he was currently assisting another person with a trial (this showed me professionalism)! After he got back to me he was very truthful, and direct. I loved how he was sincere. I hired him and we started on a journey to fight back! Jason is extremely well prepared in criminal defense and uses a lot of different approaches, like psychodrama and more. We went to 2 court dates together (pre trial and arraignment). During pre trial I understood that my choice was right. This guy was coming up with questions to the witnesses that were close to impossible for a normal mind to come up with. Of course my case was not dismissed at pre trial, but we knew this case would most likely go to trial... Jason worked hard and at the meeting with the DA really made her understand that she didn’t have a case against me and that se should accurately review the case. On July 31st, my happiest day so far, I received an email from Jason saying that the DA had dismissed the case after a “thorough review of the case”. If you need someone to fight for you, a smart man and someone that would care for you like a brother, then look no further. Jason is the best lawyer in Boulder and one of the top in Colorado. The only one that doesn’t come out of CU, and will fight for you instead of settling for a deal like many more around Boulder.

An Attorney you can TRUST!

In the fee agreement, it says, "zealously represent", and that is what he did! Mr. Savela is professional and sincere. Though representation is not in-expensive, Mr. Savela did not nickel and dime me to death, it was well worth the investment. I also appreciate his attitude of equanimity, which centered me so I could understand everything with more clarity. He took the time to educate me about the circumstances of my case, hear what I had to say, and inform me of my rights regarding the law AND his legal obligations to me. Mr. Savela has a sense of justice and feels personally satisfied when it is accomplished for his client. I truly trusted him to help me and that was what I was looking for. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Jason, you really eased my mind, and helped me retain my clean record, that which would not have happened with YOU!


Outstanding Representation

Jason was exceptional in his preparation for my case. He stated my defense in a clear and concise way. He did not sugar-coat anything, and he was absolutely good to his word. We had an excellent result. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone in need of criminal representation.