Colorado law allows for a person to be criminally responsible for something they encourage somebody else to do. If you are facing a criminal solicitation charge you should contact a skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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Criminal Solicitation is defined in Colorado Revised Statute 18-2-301.

The elements of criminal solicitation are

  1. That the defendant,
  2. In the state of Colorado, at or about eth date and place charged;
  3. With intent to promote or facilitate the commission of (another felony)
  4. Under circumstances that strongly corroborate that intent,
  5. Commanded, induced, entreated, or otherwise attempted to persuade another person, or
  6. Offered his or her services to a third party,
  7. To commit that felony.

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 Criminal solicitation is one offense level less serious than the felony you persuade the other person to commit. For example, criminal solicitation is a class 4 felony when the completed act would be a class 3 felony.

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