These are serious sex crimes with enormous life changing penalties.  You need to immediately hire a qualified lawyer with experience defending sex crimes.  Please call me to discuss representation.

Internet exploitation or internet sexual exploitation can be charged in a number of ways.  Computer chat rooms often have people asking for naked photos and sending naked photos.  People commonly engage in mutual masturbation and discuss it with a person they find in a chat room.  Any of these actions can be the serious sex crime of internet exploitation if one of the people is under age 15 and the accused is 4 years older.  Any knowledge of the age of the younger person is sufficient to charge. 

Using “adult” chat rooms is not enough to keep you from being charged and convicted.  If there is any reason to believe the younger person is even 1 day under 15, then it is a serious sex crime. 

Police officers will troll chat rooms looking to entrap a person by pretending to be an underage person.  The police may be using several names in several chat rooms at the same time.  If you send a naked photo, ask for a naked photo or encourage masturbation, your life could change forever.  If after doing one of these things, you ask to meet or attempt to contact the person directly, attempted sexual assault on a child can be charged.  Police will not send a naked photo of an underage person.  If a person in a chat room sends you a blacked out photo or says they are trying but you do not receive a photo, you are probably communicating with a police officer.  Contact a qualified sex crimes defense attorney immediately.

This is a class 4 felony with potential prison time and sex offender registry. 

“18-3-405.4. Internet sexual exploitation of a child.

(1) An actor commits internet sexual exploitation of a child if the actor knowingly importunes, invites, or entices through communication via a computer network or system, telephone network, or data network or by a text message or instant message, a person whom the actor knows or believes to be under fifteen years of age and at least four years younger than the actor, to:

(a) Expose or touch the person’s own or another person’s intimate parts while communicating with the actor via a computer network or system, telephone network, or data network or by a text message or instant message; or

(b) Observe the actor’s intimate parts via a computer network or system, telephone network, or data network or by a text message or instant message.”

Important Information about Sex Crimes in Colorado:

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Sex Crimes in Boulder and all of Colorado are extremely serious offenses.  Most of the charges require a lifetime in prison, possibly lifetime supervision on parole or probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender.  Get a good lawyer immediately.  Do not trust the prosecution or police to prove your innocence.  Most Boulder, Colorado sex crimes are serious felonies.

If you are accused of sexual assault or suspect you might be accused of sexual assault, you should immediately contact an experienced sexual assault attorney.  You should not speak to police or prosecutors without an attorney.  You should not discuss the facts with anyone but your attorney.  Call me.

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