Federal Computer Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Although sex crimes like sexual assault and indecent exposure are usually prosecuted by a local district attorney, there are several crimes prosecuted by the Department of Justice in federal court. This usually happens because the crime involves crossing state lines like distributing child pornography electronically. Examples of federal sex crimes include:

  1. Child pornography
  2. Computer sex crimes
  3. Sex trafficking
  4. Sex tourism
  5. Child Sexual exploitation.

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Usually, these crimes are investigated by the FBI working in conjunction with the Department of Justice to complete a thorough and exhaustive investigation. An arrest can come as part of a nationwide sweep or, as is more common in the District of Colorado, as the result of a grand jury indictment.   

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Trying a federal criminal case is a serious undertaking best handled by a skillful attorney with experience in the practice area. Your attorney must be knowledgeable with regard to both the federal crimes you’ve been charged with, the procedure in federal court, and the state laws that can be charged given the allegations and facts of the case.

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