If you have been in a car crash or otherwise were injured, go to the hospital to get checked out.  This can be an Emergency Room, Urgent Care or your primary care physician.  I encourage you to go as soon after the collision as you can.  Documenting your injury and the cause of your injury as close to the incident as possible is the best way to protect yourself.

Do not lie to doctors or police about your injuries, the cause or prior injuries.  Be honest to all these people.  Any lie will reduce potential recovery. 

After the initial visit, make sure you follow the treatment plan and doctors orders.  If you feel new or different pain, go back to the doctor. 

Keep a log of all changes in your life, including sleeping, recreation, general happiness, time spent on hobbies, time spent with others, headaches, pain in body, fear while riding in a car, and any other change to your life after the car crash or injury.

Contact an attorney to help you understand your rights.  I can help.  Most attorneys will discuss your rights for free and make sure you are getting proper treatment so that you get back to where you were before the car crash or injury.  That is the goal, making you whole after someone took something from you.

You do not have to talk with any insurance company immediately about the facts of the car crash or injury.  You can simply report that there was a car crash and injury.  You can say that you will contact them soon to discuss the facts.  [Some adjusters will attempt to get you to say certain facts that shift liability to you, in whole or part, so that they do not have to pay for your injuries.]  I suggest speaking with an attorney prior to talking with any insurance company.  Remember, if you caused the car crash or injury to yourself, your own insurance company may try not to pay you!

Protect Your Family from Finacial Disaster for Inujuries You Cause

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FINANCIAL DISASTER FOR INJURIES YOU CAUSE - If you have assets (like a house), you need a high level of auto insurance (250-500 thousand) and likely an umbrella policy (2+million). This protects you if you hurt someone else. It also saves you from knowing you hurt someone and destroyed their life - yucko.

Protect Your Family from Financial Disaster for Injuries Others Cause

Regardless of assets, if you do not have health insurance, you need to purchase MedPay on your own auto policy - the more the better. This pays for your medicals while the case is being settled - it makes sure doctors will treat your injuries.

Get good uninsured and under-insured protection too. This will cover you if the at fault driver cannot cover your full injury. It should be at least 100k.

WHY? Lots of folks have low levels of auto insurance (like 50k). If you get hurt, they will pay their max and leave you still needing treatment with no money to pay for it. These bills can get over 50k quick. Make sure you are covered.

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