Can I get a Colorado Driver's License with an Out of State Suspension?

Often, yes.

Beware:  In Colorado, if you are caught driving while under suspension, restriction, or denial of driving privileges for an alcohol-related offense, you can be convicted of Driving Under Restraint-Alcohol which carries a 30-day minimum mandatory jail sentence, plus a 1-year license revocation.  The statutory bond for this offense is $10,000.00. 

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If you have applied for a Colorado Driver's License and have been denied because you are suspended or restrained in another state, you might be able to get a Colorado Driver's License anyway.  There are some conditions and you might be required to get an interlock device in your car, but often you can get a driver's license.

According to the Colorado Code of Regulations, if you are currently suspended or restrained from driving in another state, Colorado will follow that suspension or restraint.  But, if that suspension or restraint is for longer than 1 year, you are eligible to apply for a Colorado Driver's License. 

What are the requirements?

  1. Your out of state suspension or restraint is longer than 1 year.
  2. You are currently a Colorado resident.
  3. You have not driven for at least one year.
  4. At least one year has passed since you were suspended or restrained in the other state.

The first step is to apply for a Colorado Driver's License.  You do not need an attorney to do this.  If Colorado DMV denies you a license, get a copy of the denial letter and contact me.

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It would be helpful for you to get a copy of your driving record from the state that has suspended or restrained you.  We will need some proof of residency (utility bill in your name, voter registration, Colorado ID card, tax return, proof of employment).  If you have been stopped for a traffic ticket within a year, you will have to wait until a full year from the date of last driving to apply.

It is possible that your driving record will subject you to an interlock requirement for a period of time.  An interlock is a breath-testing device placed in your car.  If this is required, you cannot drive any car that does not have an interlock.  If this is required, the time period may not start until you receive an interlock-restricted driver's license.  You can get an interlock-restricted driver's license even if you do not have a car.  If you do so, this will start the interlock clock running and soon you will be eligible for a full, unrestricted license. 

I have helped several people through this process.  All of them came to me after being told by several attorneys that they could not get a license.  All of them have been granted a Colorado Driver's License.  If you need to drive but are suspended or restrained in another state, contact me to help you get a license.  Do not drive until you have proof of insurance and proof of a Colorado driving privilege.  Call us, we can help.