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If you are accused or might be accused of any assault, politely refuse to speak to the police about it.  Just say, “I want a lawyer” and nothing else.  No matter what happened or what you tell the police, they cannot help you. You may really want to get your side of the story out, or you may feel that if you could only explain what happened they might not arrest you, but it won’t change anything. Their goal is to gather evidence to help convict you, and anything you say can only hurt you.  The most important thing that you can do when charged with any assault is to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  There is nothing you can tell the police today that you cannot tell them tomorrow after talking with a criminal defense assault lawyer.


Self-defense and defense of others are among the complete defenses to assault charges.  Regardless of your defense, talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney prior to explaining your defense to anyone.  Call me at (303) 856-5700 to discuss.  I will help you to best explain your side of the story.  I will investigate to prove that what you say is the truth.  I will protect you from police and prosecutors that judge the case prior to learning all the facts.

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Domestic Violence

If the alleged victim (or accuser) of the assault, harassment, menacing, or stalking is a spouse or former spouse, family member, or anyone that you have had an intimate (even just kissing or making out) relationship with at any time, then it may be charged as domestic violence.

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